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Why it’s a Game Changer

Today we sat down with our Communications Team for an in-depth interview about Game Changer, a revolutionary payment processing product designed to provide best-in-class in-game experiences. I’m thrilled to share the great story we discussed here…

Why did you create Game Changer?  We saw a need in the sports industry to provide a payment solution to meet the revenue needs of our customers and the expectations of their fans during a visit. In other words, Game Changer really works to streamline in-seat food ordering. Plus, the solutions provided by some of our competitors were very costly and, in many cases, not meeting the customer’s needs.

What’s unique about Game Changer?  I’d say the biggest differentiator is that the Game Changer product works to structure fees along with other associated costs so they pass to the end user rather than the sports team or venue.

Tell us a little bit about your Game Changer customers, who are they?  Professional sports teams love us. That includes all sports and all levels. For example. Minor League Baseball teams, G-League Basketball teams, Colleges/Universities, Theaters, and Food trucks. Pretty much any venue or stadium that needs help getting customers their concessions faster.

What are the key features for Game Changer?  There are a few! Firstly, all of Game Changer’s solutions work at little to no cost depending on the fees passed on to the end user. For the Food Ordering App, we’re talking In seat delivery, express pick-up, repeat orders, the ability to cancel or modify orders from your seat. For our Ticketing Solutions, you can manage comp tickets, offer a buy-one-get-one option, integrate into ticketing software and POS systems. Lots of great stuff.

What’s a product “win” that comes to mind? Our Food Ordering App helps provide a low cost POS system to assist in tracking inventory. For example, it allowed one of our Minor League Baseball customers to add credit cards as a payment option for concessions. This is a team that could not previously afford to add POS software because of the cost. Game Changer really does help revolutionize the revenue for some of these folks.

What’s your favorite stadium eat to order off Game Changer? I have to go classic. A chili dog and an ice-cold brew.