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Automated NSF ACH & Check Recovery

Checxchange: NSF & ACH Returns


Don't let bounced checks hurt your business!

Checxchange: The Ultimate NSF ACH & Check Re-presentment Solution


Our NSF recovery service is FREE and uses reliable RCK technology to automatically re-present an NSF return item up to two times, helping you collect owed funds faster and without any extra cost!

Effectively Collect NSF Returned Payments

Say goodbye to the frustration & lost revenue caused by returned payments with ChecXchange. Not only do we seamlessly handle the entire process for you, but we also charge the payer a state-regulated fee, making the recovery cost free for you!

Best of all, collections are credited to your account daily, providing a regular boost to your business’ cash position!

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Let us recover your NSF returns at no cost!

Manual NSF return recovery ends up costing businesses more than the actual value of the check.


Check & ACH Recovery Service


hidden charges or equipment needed


of the transaction value is paid

Frequently Asked Questions

You eliminate your traditional bad item collection techniques, and get 100% of your money back from the returned payment we collect. ChecXchange™ strategically chooses when the payer’s account is debited. This alone can result in a substantial increase in recovery rates.

We process all returned payments that we receive directly from your bank. We then submit your deposits through the ACH network. 

Yes. Our statistics show some merchant’s recovery rates increase as much as 60%, resulting in an overall recovery rate of 80-90% for NSF payments.

The status of any transaction in our system can be followed through our internet based 24/7 real‐time reporting system. This includes all returned payment information including high-resolution images of checks. 

ChecXchange™ is a no cost service to your business. We charge the payer a state-regulated fee, so there is no recovery cost.

Definitely! Everything is automatic, so there are no re‐deposit fees charged to you for resubmitting payments automatically. There are no bank return fees on NSF returns that come back a second time.

We reimburse your funds immediately, upon settlement. Your funds are electronically (ACH) credited to your bank daily.

Merchants must notify customers that their returned payments may be collected automatically. This notice can be at the point of sale, or on a monthly billing statement. ChecXchange™ supplies all of our customers with a point‐of‐ sale decal that covers this necessary verbiage.

For questions or to cancel the service, please e-mail us at or, you can call us at 888-740-9288.

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