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Merchant Services

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Online Payment Processing

Using our online payment processing provides your customers the convenience of making payments 24/7. The solution’s versatility allows for the processing of debit, credit and electronic check payments on either recurring or one-time frequencies. Plus, you’re never at risk of fraud because our secure database never stores any credit card information on your system.

If you’re looking to enhance the way you receive payments, our online payment processing comes with multiple options
that work for any business need.

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Our payment gateway is also equipped with a range of features to serve e-commerce payment processing needs. Whether you need electronic receipt capabilities, shopping cart integration or fraud detection, we’ll tailor an e-commerce solution to have your business competing with the e-tail giants.

Convenience Fee

In today’s world, being able to pay online with card or eCheck is an expectation, not a perk. Our team can equip you to meet this growing expectation, while charging only a nominal convenience fee to your customers.

Branded Hosted Page

Our experienced team can custom-design a hosted order page that’s seamlessly branded to your company, making it easy for customers to make online purchases by moving from your site to our order page.

The benefit of using our hosted order page is:

  • Customers’ credit card, debit card and bank account information is entered and stored on our secure server
  • Eliminates your costs associated with safeguarding this information.

Core Services of Online
Payment Processing

  • Credit card processing
  • Debit card processing
  • ACH processing
  • Check processing
  • Recurring and one-time payment frequency options
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Secure database storage