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EBPP: Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) is a process that enables bills to be created, delivered and paid online. Financial institutions, utility providers, apartment complexes and telecommunications companies commonly use EBPP, but Unity FI Solutions can tailor a solution to fit any business, regardless of industry.

Why does your business need EBPP?​

Technology is evolving so that your customers are spending more and more time online. Consequently, many of them no longer want to receive physical paper bills in the mail. Our EBPP solution allows you to send them a bill via email. In addition, our software gives your business the ability to monitor a bill’s status so you can see when it has been opened, viewed and paid. Our safe and secure platform offers great benefits to both merchant and customer.

Our EBPP software provides a flexible and comprehensive solution to seamlessly invoice customers and receive payments efficiently. An electronic statement is emailed to the customer who then logs in to your company’s branded payment portal. Here they can make a payment, set-up recurring payments and view payment history.

There are two types of EBPP. The first is the biller-direct system. This solution involves a company using its own branded portal to facilitate direct payments from customers. The second system is the bank-aggregator system. It allows customers to make electronic payments to multiple billers simultaneously. Unity FI Solutions offers the biller-direct system and works with individual clients to build a portal that integrates with their brand’s look and feel.

EBPP allows merchants to cut both costs and time by streamlining the bill payment process, leaving more resources to focus on other essential business functions. Key benefits of EBPP include:

  • Time savings – The process of mailing a bill, opening an envelope, entering the data and then depositing the payment is extremely time consuming for any business. An automated and integrated payment processing service increases the speed of payment capture by reducing the need for these tasks. And when you save time, you also save money.
  • Cost reduction –By cutting labor, printing and postage costs, our EBPP solution helps your company save money. Our customer dashboard gives a highly detailed account overview that often reduces customer support calls, which are frequently billing-related.
  • Risk minimization – Our EBPP solution meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of industry requirements that work to ensure companies that process, store or transmit credit card information preserve a secure environment. We maintain these standards so that you can protect your customers’ privacy and sensitive information. Our software also approves and processes credit card transactions in real-time to minimize any potential loss on your end.

EBPP provides convenient bill presentment and payment services to customers. In today’s world, people use their mobile phones, tablets and laptops to do more than communicate with family and friends. They are using technology to keep track of finances, monitor credit and pay bills. With an EBPP solution, you have access to your customers at any time during the day via multiple devices. 

Customers can access their invoices and statements at their convenience by simply logging into our portal. Our customer dashboard provides detailed account information that allows them to view their payment history and current bills. By giving customers easy access to this information, it reduces their need to call customer support to make inquiries about their bill or payment history.

Customers can also link multiple payment accounts, such as credit and debit cards, to our software so that their invoices and payment histories are located in one portal.

Our EBPP solution includes a number of key features that make it the best option for companies and financial institutions seeking to streamline their billing processes.

  • E-bill – Online bill presentment and payment reduces costs and reaches customers quickly and conveniently. No more waiting on payments from customers due to slow mail.
  • Branded portal – The branded portal we create for your company increases customer satisfaction and engagement with your brand.
  • Accepts several payment types – We accept check, credit card, debit card and
  • Payment options – Customers can set up and manage one-time, future or recurring payments.
  • Disbursement services – Your business can easily disperse credits and refunds that are due to customers.
  • CSR integration – Our solution easily integrates with your current customer support efforts to allow representatives to easily look-up payment profiles, view pending payments and schedule and manage payments for customers.

Covering the processing costs that come with EBPP is important, and our solution allows the biller to decide what party bears the fee. There are four options, and we work with each individual client to determine the fee strategy that works best for them:

  • Merchant Absorbed – the merchant takes the responsibility
  • Convenience Fee – the customer pays a fee at time of bill payment.
    There are two variations:
    • You keep the fee to cover the transaction costs
    • Unity FI Solutions keeps the fee and you have no transaction cost
  • Hybrid (combination of Absorbed and Convenience) – both parties split the responsibility

Bills contain sensitive information, so security is our top priority. We comply with industry standards to protect sensitive information in the interest of both our clients and their customers. Our electronic bill presentment and payment solution uses best industry practices to maintain compliance with National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and PCI DSS regulations.