Accounts Receivable Services

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ACH & eCheck Payment Processing

While credit cards and payment apps are incredible financial tools, millions of consumers still have a checking account. What does this mean for you? It means Unity FI can provide a simple, safe and speedy way to allow your customers to pay directly through their Bank accounts. Please see below to learn more about ACH & eCheck Processing.  

What is ACH?

Known as The Automated Clearing House, ACH is an electronic payment delivery system that processes credit and debit transfers for businesses, small and large. ACH Payments deduct funds directly from your customer’s checking or savings account adding value to the customer experience and providing an efficient alternative to traditional credit card or even paper check processing.

How can ACH & eCheck help your business?

ACH transactions offer a wide variety of benefits and efficiencies over traditional credit cards and paper checks. You can start increasing operational efficiencies immediately with one or all of the following product applications:

Recurring Payments
Automatically collect from repeat billing customers

Mobile Payments
Try mobile ACH for simple and secure payments anywhere your devices take you

Online Payments
Avoid transaction fees while securely processing ACH payments from your website  

Pay by Phone
ACH over the phone allows customers to seamlessly make payments from their checking account

What are some challenges with traditional checks & cards?

Challenges with Traditional Check Payments

  • Require time and effort to write and deposit
  • Carry risk of lost, stolen, or late checks
  • Require postage expenses
  • Require administration and operation expenses to process
  • Carry risk of check fraud and stop payment charges

Challenges with Credit/Debit Card Payments

  • More expensive to establish, operate and maintain
  • Credit/debit cards and PayPal demand higher rates
  • Not ideal for recurring or subscription payments
  • Limited percentage of the market compared to ACH