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Lockbox is a secure & convenient way for you to receive payments from customers. Instead of having to manually process & deposit checks, these mail items are sent to a designated PO Box where they’re retrieved, converted into electronic, actionable data, & immediately processed on your behalf.

Speed up your receivables!


Designed to support billing departments, our Lockbox solution serves as a centralized hub for claim research, image archival, reconciliation, and expedited payment and denial research.

Secure & Efficient Claim Processing

Automated Claim Matching:

Integrates paper EOBs and 835/837 EDI formatted data to automatically match all claim data, instantly identifying items that require special collections & processing.

Faster Payment & Denial Research:

Resolves discrepancies promptly to ensure timely collection from insurance providers at our HIPAA compliant mail collection site in Charlotte, NC.

Secure Reconciliation & Audit Compliance:

Eliminate fraud & audit risk through separation of duties for reconciliation and seamless re-association of ACH or check payments with ERA remittance files.

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Wholesale and Retail Lockbox

By leveraging innovative OCR and 2D barcode technology, we eliminate manual data entry and redirect existing resources. This means that data from checks or remittances can be automatically extracted and imported directly into your clients’ accounting software, saving time and reducing errors.

Simplify your receivables process with Unity FI’s easy-to-use, integrated platform that handles all payment types from various channels.

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