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Scan various types of checks, including money orders, and transmit them for posting and clearing at your bank. Our RDC solution simplifies the process, using a single scanner and software to deposit checks to multiple banks, saving you time and money.

Eliminates manual check deposits

Reduces returned items

Decreases processing expenses

Minimizes data entry mistakes

Faster fraud detection

streamline your check processing

Expanded Banking Options

RDC expands your banking options beyond physical location, giving your business greater flexibility in choosing a bank.

Improved Cash Flow

Deposit checks remotely with RDC for faster deposits & improved cash flow, providing your business with greater flexibility & financial stability.

Faster Check Clearings

Accelerate your funds availability with our RDC solution, enabling your business to receive funds 2-3 days faster than with manual check deposits.

Reduced Return Item Risk

Since RDC results in faster check clearings, you’ll know about return items sooner, giving your business more flexibility in collecting on these items.

Easily deposit checks securely and swiftly on your terms with our intuitive Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution, providing the convenience of 24/7 availability.

How does RDC Work?

  • Upon receiving a check, use the provided scanner.
  • Scan the check via a secure internet connection.
  • Your bank posts the funds to your account with assigned availability.

What you need to get started:

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite being a relatively new technology, remote deposit capture holds limited risks for users.  Using an encrypted connection limits the risks associated with transferring your check images over the internet. Financial institutions using remote deposit capture should consult all FFIEC guidelines regarding Internet banking before using the solution.

After signing all the necessary agreements, we can have the solution up and running at your company in just five business days.


The savings you’ll realize from using remote deposit capture vary from business to business. It largely depends on the number of checks you regularly deposit and how frequently you’re used to going to the bank to do so.

Unity FI Solutions uniquely tailors its products to meet each individual client’s specific needs. Our remote deposit capture solution is typically less expensive and more flexible than those from banks. Give us a call and our experienced team will discuss how we can customize a solution to fit your requirements.

Although most banks offer remote deposit scanners for businesses, Unity FI Solutions provides one scanner that works with all banks. So, if your business needs to deposit checks into more than one bank, our solution saves you both money and space

For faster and smoother set-up, we recommend our clients purchase a scanner through us, and we will deliver it. If your business already has a scanner and wishes to reduce costs, we will do our best to make your existing scanner work.

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